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We have always been conscious of security, but the events of the last decade have prompted us to enhance our systems. All of our facilities have state-of-the-art video surveillance and digital technology with more than 50 cameras that record office and yard activity on a 24/7/365 basis. We have recently incorporated a new high tech camera system at multiple sites including our Ronkonkoma and Moffitt facilities. Surround Video is the wold's first 8 mega pixel day/night 180° panoramic camera with the fastest frame rate on the market. Unparalleled, high definition resolution can substitute up to 65 analog cameras and digitally zoom in to isolate security sensitive areas or obtain license plate numbers and pinpoint faces. In addition, we employ an outside security service to monitor our facilities during non-operating hours. All yards are fenced and well lit. We have extended our shop hours such that the night crew and morning crew overlap. In addition to these measures, our office staff received professional training in yard security and anti-terror measures called CATS Eye (an FTA approved security program). The information from these courses has been summarized and communicated to the entire work force. Our employees have all been alerted to the dangers that exist in our current geopolitical climate and many have completed the "Highway Watch" program. Such common measures as inspecting your bus for suspicious material or objects before you leave the yard, not allowing strangers to board any bus at any time, identifying and notifying the office of any suspicious persons or packages, have all taken on new meaning. Patricia Crociata, Road Supervisor, has completed "civilian law enforcement" training at the Suffolk County Police Training Academy in Yaphank. This learning has been incorporated into employee training and refresher courses.

Each driver and driver assistant is required to wear a "waist up" uniform as a direct identifier for parents, guardians and school personnel. All employees are supplied with the necessary attire to look neat and professional. The winter uniform consists of a winter jacket, insulated vest, long sleeve shirt, and hat, all embroidered with the Suffolk Transportation company logo. The summer uniform includes a jacket, short sleeve shirt and hat. All employees (including office staff) are required to wear photo ID at all times.

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Homeland Security