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Our school bus division (operating under the names Suffolk Transportation Service, Inc., Suffolk Transportation Corp., Suffolk Transportation Systems, Inc., Suffolk Transit Service, Inc. - all New York Corporations) has been in business for over 70 years as a school bus transportation provider. Our public transit division (operating under the name of Suffolk Bus Corp.) has been in business for over 70 years as well. The Company was purchased by John A. Corrado in 1970. Prior to 1970, Mr. Corrado ran the school bus division of Varsity Transit in Queens, NY, with over 1,000 drivers and vehicles under his supervision. Varsity Transit was a division of Green Bus Lines, a company that Mr. Corrado's father and father-in-law helped establish over 80 years ago. Today Suffolk Transportation Service, Inc. and Suffolk Bus Corp. are owned and run by Mr. Corrado's son John J. Corrado, who has been the President of the Company since 1995 and has essentially grown up in this business. John J. Corrado is a graduate of the University of Michigan (BBA 1986) and he is a Certified Public Accountant. After a career in accounting with Deloitte Haskins and Sells, John J. joined the family business in 1988 as Treasurer. Today, cherished photographs of Joseph Tino, John A. Corrado and Michael Corrado, the three original family bus drivers, hang proudly in the hallway of our corporate office at 10 Moffitt Boulevard in Bay Shore. The Compan's fleet has grown from 35 school buses and 15 transit buses in 1970 to over 1,400 school buses, 80 transit buses and 143 paratransit buses today.

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Proactive safety measures and quality maintenance programs delivered in a professional manner are at the heart of our service. Our bus garages are clean and equipped with the latest tools and state-of-the-art equipment. Not only do we replace our vehicles on a regular schedule, we also wash them regularly in one of our three automatic bus washers. We also paint 10% of our fleet each year and wax 10% of our fleet each summer. Our corporate office space is professionally designed and affords every employee computer and technological access. Our office staff is either uniformed or dressed in professional business attire, and our maintenance staff is uniformed as well. Company shirts and jackets are issued to our drivers and driver assistants. We work each day to create a professional work environment for all of our employees and we insist on a professional demeanor from everyone as they deliver our services. We have a website that provides invaluable safety and corporate information as well as a recent phone system called Call One™ that enables us to communicate to large and/or like groups of employees. This system also texts, emails, and has a voice application that can send notifications to all employees at once or to designated groups. Working hand-in-hand with this professional environment is our newly designed Facebook page, which provides corporate information to the general public. Our employee portal, "My Parking Space," is the future of the Company's information superhighway. This portal provides employees with important Company information, allows them to register for safety classes, email a supervisor and so much more. Employees can download an app to their smart phones to receive notifications of new postings.